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Birch Tealight, Set of 3


Have you ever looked at your living room (or someone else’s living room) and thought “You know what this place needs? Some pieces of tree with tiny flames”. Well we got your back! This set of locally sourced (read: from someone’s backyard probably) birch tealight holders will look fantastic on any coffee table/mantle/bedside table. This will make a fantastic housewarming gift in the perfect unobtrusive non-judgemental way, and send a great message for the winter holidays as well. Tied with twine for that extra rustic look, and the wooden gift tag allows infinite personalization. We’ll make sure there’s someone with good handwriting around if you want us to write something instead.

While supplies last. Please keep in mind that handcrafted items will have a small amount of variation on a per-item basis, so if you pick up first you get first dibs to look through the stash. If you have any questions please direct them to, or you can shoot me an email just to chat, especially if you attach photos of your pets, with the pet潴籹 name, those emails will get answered first. Ruler for scale only and not included in sale. Pickup only during opening hours, fist bump or physically distanced air high-fives available upon request.

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