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Hammers Hammers Hammers (sold individually)


Iiiiiit’s Mystery Hammer Time! We have a bunch of hammers. Like, many many hammers. When you buy a hammer, you can either come out back to pick which one you want to take home, or we can grab a mystery random hammer for you! Isn’t this FUN? And because we want to sell these hammers so badly you get a cat sticker when you buy one. Seriously we have a lot of hammers. And if the only tool you have in your toolbox is a hammer, every problem looks like it can be a nail, smashed, knocked out, knocked over, or pried apart! Hammers are multi-purpose tools. You can even buy 10 hammers and invent a new hammer-throwing sport or open a hammer-throwing business! Seriously just buy a hammer, you know you’re always misplacing yours. Keep one in the garage! Keep one upstairs! One in the kids’ bedroom! One in the doghouse! Everyone needs a hammer everywhere! It’s only $2 and much handier than a toonie in a zombie apocalypse!

All tools have been tested by our tool ninjas and are in good working condition. Ruler for scale only and not included in sale. Your specific hammer may look different from the hammer in the picture, hence, MYSTERY hammer time! Pickup during opening hours, fist bump or physically distanced air high-fives available upon request.

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