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Kohler, circa 1887, Antique Sewing Machine


Sit down y’all and let me tell you about this sewing machine from Holland.

Made by Kohler, circa 1887, this machine is only TWENTY YEARS YOUNGER THAN CANADA. How cool is that? The machine is in remarkable condition and has been in one family until now. (Email store@ottawatoollibrary to get the full story and nerd out about the machine). This Kohler machine features pearl inlays on the machine itself, and amazing wood inlays in the functioning and locking case. And c’mon, we all know cast iron sewing machines are going to outlast the nuclear apocalypse, of course it’s all metal parts. This machine pre-dates the invention of plastic.

Let’s talk shop: This is a beltless, hand-cranked, cast iron machine that uses a shuttle bobbin (included). The machine has been oiled and serviced, all parts are moving as they should. It also comes with 2 extra needles! Why is that important? Let me tell you. This machine does not use modern sewing machine needles with a shank, those were invented in the late 1890s by Singer, and this machine predates that. So these needles are notoriously difficult to find, and probably worth $100 if you listed them on Ebay. The machine is missing a bobbin tire, which isn’t any standard size. I will include the fossilized bobbin tire with the sale as well. So for these two reasons, we don’t actually know if the machine sews. That’s why you are getting a piece of history at such a bargain. If you know someone at the science & technology museum, let them know their sewing machine display can definitely use this piece!

Pickup during opening hours. This is a one-of-a-kind item, please direct all questions to and we’d be happy to chat!

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