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Kenmore Sewing Machine


Hey remember pre-pandemic when all our non-sweatpants clothes still fit? Haha neither do I. That’s why I’m adding an elastic waistband to everything I own since I can’t even buy clothes right now as they’re apparently a non-essential item. This vintage Kenmore though, is definitely essential in helping you change up that 2019 wardrobe! This is a beast of a machine that is primarily metal parts, and will last a long time and take a beating. It has been serviced, oiled, tested and works well. Full disclosure: It is missing one spool pin at the top, and the reverse lever in this particular model of Kemore tends to get stuck. This one has been loosened and is reversing properly. Best suited for a user who is already comfortable with basic sewing on a machine. Comes with manual, bobbins, and accessories including extra presser feet. If you have further questions or would like a brief tutorial on how to use it before you buy, please email (that’s me!) to set something up and I’ll walk you through it 🙂

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